Swimming Pool FAQs

Landscape And Swimming Pool Company Dubai (UAE), we are into Landscape Designing from past one decade, also design swimming pools to relieve the customers from the oven like heat of Dubai to lower their tiredness from the busy schedule and simultaneously add an attraction to their home. So now you need not step out of the comfort zone of your home for swimming. Swimming is a leisure activity for some people while a sport for others, and so different questions may arise in their mind, and we would like to answer all of them. Enlisted are few of the swimming pools faqs and answers to serve a happy swimming to our customers.

1. Any permit required for a swimming pool or any regulations regarding that?

Ans. Earlier there was no permit required to have a swimming pool at your own home but now there are certain issues regarding that which caused dilemma in people’s mind and ultimately lead them to drop the idea of having a pool. This is majorly the city’s municipality concern, so you need to contact with the local zoning and planning department for this and we may help you further with it.

2. Is it possible to have my choice of shape and size?

Ans. Yes why not, you may request us your choice of shape and size be it rectangle, circular, i- shape or anything that you fancy and we will design it according to the space available.

3. Can it be designed to reduce the harms of chlorinated water?

Ans. chlorine is added to pool water to get rid of infections, that is, as a disinfectant. But if not managed properly, body sweat, oil, urine and dust may cause the formation of harmful chemicals in pool that cause irritation to eyes, nose and skin. So it is a myth that chlorine harms you but the fact is the germs and chemicals formed by germs cause the harm. So manage the pool properly with regular change of water and service done and forget about the harms of chlorine.

4. How can I be more innovative in flaunting the swimming pool, can you suggest few designs?

Ans. Yes we may surely help you with a design. That is exactly what, we are here for. All you need is to elaborate your fancies, like we are designing the pool with rock waterfall design too, if you look for a lagoon type. The foliage can be planted close to the pool with ambience of rocks to give it a waterfall look. Rocks would absorb the surrounding noise and would add an element of serenity and peace to your swimming. Other designs we offer include the fountain bubblers, which is loved by many.

Although these are just few of the swimming pools faqs that we elaborated upon you may visit our site for more information and give it chance to design a swimming pool at your dream home and you would never regret it.