Swimming Pool Construction

Do you dream of have a beautiful and private swimming pool in your backyard? Are you looking for the best swimming pool construction company in the market? Search no more because your search ends at us. Landscape and Swimming Pool Company Dubai (UAE) is one of the most reputed Swimming pool construction companies in Dubai. We have been serving our clients widely for over a decade in all major cities across the United Arab Emirates.

Despite there being stiff competition in the current market scenario, Landscape and Swimming Pool Company Dubai (UAE) has managed to make a mark for itself in these past years and we assure you that we are one of the best for swimming pool construction. We at Landscape and Swimming Pool Company Dubai (UAE) believe in maintaining our company motto and commitment towards quality, services, complete value for money and hundred percent satisfactions of our customers. In these past few years, we have tried to expand our services and trying to cater to our clients in all possible dimensions, like landscaping, swimming pool construction, building spas and other commercial and residential constructions. Our expert consultants offer a safe and reliable service for Landscape and Swimming Pool Construction & Maintenance in the United Arab Emirates. We have worked for customers in the cities of Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Apart from planning and designing swimming pools, we as a swimming pool construction company that builds swimming pools and also provide maintenance services for swimming pools.


We at Landscape and Swimming Pool Company Dubai (UAE) have been in the field of swimming pool construction for over a decade. As a trusted builder, we have built swimming pools of several clients and have in most cases tried to provide with the best possible deal in the form of a customized package for our customers. This is because just like needs and preferences vary from client to client, so does the budget money. The budget plays a huge role in how the final outcome will be like. Be it small or a huge budget, we have solutions for one and all. The various types of swimming pool that we construct include,

  • Natural ponds & pools
  • Private swimming pools
  • Children or kids swimming pool
  • Commercial or public swimming pool
  • Exercise swimming pool
  • Competition or training swimming pool
  • Hot tubs
  • Spa pools
  • Ocean swimming pool

We try to keep ourselves up to date regarding the recent trends and evolving tastes of the people in general. With our innovative approach and eye for detail, we at Landscape and Swimming Pool Company Dubai (UAE) are today known by a name of our own when it comes to swimming pool construction in the country. Be it outdoor swimming pools, indoor swimming pools, spa pools or sauna tubs, we strive towards maintaining our standards. The material that we use is always of a guaranteed quality and our workers put in their best on the job in hand. We also strictly adhere to professional standards and ethics. Because of this reason, we have been granted the position of a certified company for Landscape and Swimming Pool Construction & Maintenance.


Though most people would love to have a swimming pool in their backyard, they often back out of the idea of getting one constructed because of the tedious task of swimming pool construction. The process is said to involve huge amounts of noise and dirt accumulation during the work. Even after the work is done, it involves the tedious task of cleaning up all the mess. As a regular in the field of swimming pool construction, we at Landscape and Swimming Pool Company Dubai (UAE) are conscious about the safety and privacy of our clients and their families. Though the noise or mess is not completely avoidable, our workers try to maintain utmost care while working so as to minimize audible disturbances and also clear up the site once the job is done. Any established swimming pool construction company follows certain steps while building the swimming pool. These include,

  • Site visit for inspection: Our company consultants usually opt for personally visiting the location where the swimming pool is to be built. This helps them understand and evaluate the actual space allocated. Accordingly, they can plan, draw and design out the draft for the final swimming pool.
  • Plumbing & electrical fittings: We have our individual group of licensed electricians and plumbers. They too go for sie inspections in order to check vital factors like drainage facility, mechanical lines, service panel, etc. This enables them to make note about any additional points if required for the project. They also discuss in details with clients regarding their desires and plans for future electrical and plumbing plans of additional fittings or changes.
  • Gunite: this is the noisiest and dirtiest stage of the entire swimming pool construction process. During this stage, most of the equipment required for the swimming pool construction and all the building material that are to be installed in the swimming pool are brought to the site of construction. All preliminary work of preparing the pool location is done during this stage.
  • Grading: all sub-base material for the swimming pool construction is introduced during this stage. Important factors like Gas, electrical and plumbing fittings are to be completed by now in order to proceed towards deck layout.
  • Deck layout: once grading is done. The swimming pool construction proceeds towards the construction of the deck of the swimming pool. But it may not look like the expected look of the final swimming pool design at this stage.
  • Pool instrumentation: all mechanical parts of the swimming pool are installed during this stage. We as a premier swimming pool construction company provide with genuine and the best pool instruments available in the market (according to the budget allocated by the client). Vital pool instruments mainly include items like the water heater, filtration system, time clock, pipes and automatic cleaner.
  • Tile & water: once the gap for the swimming pool construction is finished, the plastering of the pool walls is done. This includes the fitting of the swimming pool wall and floor tiles.
  • Pool fill-up: the swimming pool is filled with water up till the required mark once all the swimming pool construction work is done.
  • Start Up: once the pool is filled with water, all mechanical instruments of the pool are started and operation of the pool begins.
  • Ready for use: once tested and approved by our team of experts from the company, the swimming pool is ready to be used.


We try to create swimming pools that are dream projects of our clients. Hence, our specialists sit and discuss extensively with the clients at the very beginning of the project. This helps them understand the desires of the customers and enables them to adhere to the guidelines of the customers while drawing out the design of the swimming pool. At all levels, we constantly take approval of the client since their wish is our command. Some of the services that we provide to our customers in regard to swimming pool construction include,

  • Swimming pool planning & designing
  • Swimming pool construction
  • Swimming pool repairing
  • Complete maintenance of swimming pool
  • Re-designing & renovate of existing swimming pool construction

When it comes to Landscape and Swimming Pool Construction & Maintenance, we are the best in the market. For the best landscape services in the United Arab Emirates, get in touch with us. Give us an opportunity to serve you and we assure that you shall not regret. For more details about us and our work, please log onto our official website or call us at (+971) 0559804287. You may also write to us with your queries and projects at info@swimmingpool.ae