Swimming Pool Design

Are you planning to have a swimming pool within the vicinity of your home in the United Arab Emirates? The Emirates as we all know experiences extreme heat waves and uncomfortably dry climate most of the time. While the cooling air of air conditioners and air coolers act as a breeze of relief for us while within closed doors, most of us look around for a cooling option outside of our home or office in the hot weather. A cool swim is not only cooling but is also a fun form of exercise that can be enjoyed together with family and friends. So how about getting a private swimming pool constructed in your backyard? You will probably need help for your swimming pool design. For all queries related to swimming pool design, construction and maintenance, we at Landscape and Swimming Pool Company Dubai (UAE) are your one step solution provider.

Landscape and Swimming Pool Company Dubai (UAE) is a reputed company that deals with the construction of residential homes, commercial projects, landscaping, irrigation projects, swimming pool construction, swimming pool design and other maintenance services in the United Arab Emirates. We have been working in this sector for more than a decade. We have served clients all over the United Arab Emirates. Landscape and Swimming Pool Company Dubai (UAE) is a name that you can depend upon. We have several grand projects in the cities of Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi that speak for our quality work.


We have handled several swimming pool projects for both individual homes and even for big hotels and prestigious resorts. When you choose us at Landscape and Swimming Pool Company Dubai (UAE) for your dream project, we consider it as an honor and believe that you let us make your dream into a reality. We try to live up to your expectations in all aspects. We have a team of specialists who assist you in through the various stages of swimming pool designing, planning, building and installation.

Nowadays, people are no longer happy with just the standard rectangular shaped swimming pool design. We have our creative swimming pool design team who plan out the appropriate swimming pool shape as per the space available. Some shapes that we offer as swimming pool designs are,

  • Oval Swimming Pool Design
  • Custom Swimming Pool Design
  • Grecian Swimming Pool Design
  • Round Swimming Pool Design
  • Roman Swimming Pool Design
  • L Shaped Swimming Pool Design
  • Kidney Swimming Pool Design
  • Lazy L Swimming Pool Design
  • Figure 8 Swimming Pool Design

We offer to provide swimming pool designs to our clients for swimming pools of all kinds like,

  • Commercial or public swimming pool
  • Private swimming pools
  • Children or kids swimming pool
  • Competition or training swimming pool
  • Exercise swimming pool
  • Hot tubs
  • Spa pools
  • Ocean swimming pool
  • Natural ponds & pools

We also have swimming pool designs for hotels and resorts to offer to our clients. Landscape and Swimming Pool Company Dubai (UAE) is a company that is known to stick to their motto of delivering quality work every time. Our team of experts and specialists always strive to maintain the company’s commitment towards providing value for money creative swimming pool designs, delivering exceptional services and ensuring hundred percent client satisfactions.

In our swimming pool designs, we often also include enhancement features as per the tastes of our clients. Some popular enhancements include,

  • Waterfall
  • Fountain Bubblers
  • Laminar jets
  • Deck jets
  • Waterslides
  • Fire place
  • Vanishing Edge
  • Colored lights
  • Fire pit
  • Attached hot tub
  • Outdoor kitchen


As a leading company that deals with construction of residential and commercial projects, landscaping, swimming pool construction, irrigation and other maintenance services, we at Landscape and Swimming Pool Company Dubai (UAE) try to expand our services and widening our horizon in all dimensions so as to provide our clients with a stop solution. What sets us apart from other leading swimming pool designing companies in the market is that our team of specialists sits and discusses with our clients in detail in the very onset of the project. This helps in better understand of the preferences, tastes, requirements and budget of the client.

This also allows us to draw a swimming pool design that is most appropriate as per the client’s requirements. We cater to clients by providing customized packages at reasonable prices. Be it a small or big budget, we work with all and have solutions for everyone.

Our swimming pool design team members are always encouraged to keep themselves up to date with the latest trends in the sector. It is also a plus point that our specialists try to understand the evolving tastes and preferences of the people in general. This enables them to guide clients well with innovative approaches and creative ideas.

Our swimming pool design consultants offer solutions for a safe and secure swimming pool construction and also promise to deliver other effective services. In regard to swimming pools, some of the services that we provide include,

  • Swimming pool design & planning
  • Construction of Swimming pool
  • Re-structuring or renovation of swimming pool
  • Repairing of existing swimming pool
  • Maintenance of swimming pools
  • Water treatment of swimming pools

Our experts can guide you throughout each procedure and explain the specifics of the work in each case. Our expert team members also have complete knowledge and skill for extensive management of ongoing projects. This enables in smoother functioning and management of the entire operation. This enables in yielding satisfying results in making the on paper swimming pool design into a reality.

At Landscape and Swimming Pool Company Dubai (UAE), we prefer to work with our customers at a personal level. This helps them to keep them up to date about the work constantly and also receive instant feedbacks from them during all stages of the project. This helps us to create the most stunning swimming pool just as designed on paper. Our swimming pool design fulfills all aspects of quality, beauty and most importantly, is at par with the customer’s vision of an ideal swimming pool.

When it comes to Landscape and Swimming Pool Construction & Maintenance, we are the best in the market. For the best landscape services in the United Arab Emirates, get in touch with us. Give us an opportunity to serve you and we assure that you shall not regret. For more details about us and our work, please log onto our official website or call us at (+971) 0559804287. You may also write to us with your queries and projects at info@swimmingpool.ae