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Do you want a serene and beautiful surrounding outside of your home or office or any other commercial project? Are you looking for the best landscape planner and builder in the market? We are here to offer you exceptional services in landscape planning, designing, construction and maintenance. We at Landscape and Swimming Pool Company Dubai (UAE) are your one stop solution provider for all landscape related queries and requirements.

Landscape and Swimming Pool Company Dubai (UAE) is a well known name in the sector landscape construction and swimming pool design.We are a best landscape and swimming pool design company in the United Arab Emirates and have been working efficiently for over a decade in the cities of Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. We at Landscape and Swimming Pool Company Dubai (UAE) have always aimed at maintaining our commitment towards top quality services, quality products, value for money and hundred percent client satisfactions. We also try to widen our horizon by expanding our services at all dimensions like Landscape, irrigation, swimming pools, outdoor rooms, lawns, gardens, spas and other commercial and residential constructions. Our expert team of consultants offers sound and secure service for the construction and maintenance of projects in the United Arab Emirates..

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We are able to make you even happier by means of taking care of all the Swimming Pool Maintenance – from checking filters & heating to chlorine stages !

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Our expert team of consultants offers sound and secure service for the construction and maintenance of projects !

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As we’re doing lots of technical protection, Unique gear or unique gadget to restore your pool’s elements. make sure that we have it all !

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While the pricing for servicing a mean swimming pool all through all of the seasons of the year may be pricy, we usually have unique promo gives to lighten matters up !

We provide ultimate landscape solutions to our clients. Our landscape team is divided into several departments namely,

  • Landscape Architect
  • Landscaping consultant
  • Landscaping design
  • Landscape contractor
  • Landscape work
  • Landscaping services
  • Landscape installation
  • Landscape maintenance

We have a team of experts who work extremely hard to provide customized solutions in landscaping, designing and architectural ventures to different businesses for residential and commercial properties for individuals, hotels, resorts, palaces, villas and other institutions. Our staff strives towards forging better relations with our clients and emphasis towards achieving and maintaining hundred percent customer satisfactions. Our tremendous experiences and quality skills have helped us earn a name of our own and create a position of our own in the sector among hundreds of other popular construction companies.

Landscape and Swimming Pool Company Dubai (UAE) is a trustworthy company name that you can depend upon in the city of Dubai. We provides the following services,

  • Landscape architecture
  • Landscape designing
  • Landscape development
  • Landscape execution & construction
  • Landscape repairing
  • Landscape renovation & remodeling
  • Garden designing
  • Nursery services

Earlier people never paid much attention to the exterior of their surroundings like their homes or offices. But the trend has changed now. People are more and more conscious about the look and feel of the space outside their house, office or any other commercial center. A well planned and designed landscape is believed to accentuate the beauty of a location.

While planning, designing and construction the outdoor landscape of a particular location, we perform actions like the following:

  • Build residential and commercial buildings
  • Construct lawns & gardens
  • Decide upon the type or kind of plants or trees
  • Construct water bodies, both natural and artificia
  • Create stone and brick pathways
  • Installing water features
  • Installing lighting & varied features
  • Scenery patterning
  • Building summer houses, green houses, pool houses & pavilions

We try to keep our clients up to date about the recent trends in the sector and hence appreciate and encourage our staff to be well versed with the changing tastes and preferences of the people in general in this regard. Each our staff is well trained and licensed members of the company. Our innovative and creative ideas and acute eye for aesthetic beauty have always received great admirations from our clients. Our team works with customers from start to end of the project. Our professionals personally visit locations in order to have a complete idea about the project in hand. In the very initial stages of the project our executives sit and discuss with our customers in detail. This helps them to understand the requirements, preferences and budget of the clients. During this discussion, they also explain the procedure of the project execution and the pace at which the work shall be done. All necessary queries of the clients are answered professionally and patiently by our executives. Our experienced and talented team of architects, designers and builders work efficiently to help our customers enjoy the appealing look of a beautifully planned and maintained landscape. We have been meeting the needs of numerous popular clients on a regular basis.

As a landscape construction company, we at Landscape and Swimming Pool Company Dubai (UAE) broadly work on commercial and residential landscaping. This includes Landscape designing and installation. We also look after lawn building, care and maintenance. We also specialize in maintaining office parks, corporate campuses, retail spaces, industrial parks and hospitality ventures.

For the maintenance of commercial landscape and residential lawns, we do the following,

  • Ground cover control
  • Insect & disease control
  • Hand weeding
  • Edging
  • Leaf removal
  • Deep hand pruning of ornamental plants
  • Mowing of turf area
  • Cleanup of landscaped areas each visit
  • Fertilization & weed control of turf area
  • Irrigation system start up & monitoring
  • Tree maintenance
  • Weed control
  • Design seasonal color
  • Trenching bed lines

Our emphasis is mainly on maintaining quality throughout. Our main aim is at building a better and beautiful environment. With advanced designing techniques, finest quality products and services, we at Landscape and Swimming Pool Company Dubai (UAE) always try to provide ultimate value for money for our clients. Let your budget be a small or big amount. Do not worry because we at Landscape and Swimming Pool Company Dubai (UAE) have a solution for one and all. We customize our packages in the best possible manner that fulfils your requirements and also adhere to your budget amount in mind.

When it comes to Swimming Pool Maintenance and Landscaping Maintenance, We are the Top 10 Swimming Pool Companies in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We have a proven track record of several Swimming Pool Construction in Dubai. Our experience in the field of Swimming Pool & Landscape Works is winning projects for us. Call Us at (+971) 0559804287. You may also write to us with your queries related to projects at info@swimmingpool.ae