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Water Features

Are you thinking of installing a swimming pool with unique water features in your backyard? Are you looking for a construction company in Dubai that builds world class swimming pools? Look no more. We at Landscape and Swimming Pool Company Dubai (UAE) provide you with a one stop solution with all your landscape and swimming pool queries and requirements. We believe in building a peaceful and beautiful exterior surrounding. We are here to offer you exceptional services in landscape planning, designing, construction and maintenance.

Landscape and Swimming Pool Company Dubai (UAE) is a well known name in the sector of construction of residential and commercial ventures. We are a leading landscape and architecture company in the United Arab Emirates. We have steadfastly been working in the sector for over a decade in the leading cities of Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. We at Landscape and Swimming Pool Company Dubai (UAE) have always strived to maintain our commitment towards top quality services, value for money, quality products and complete client satisfactions. We at Landscape and Swimming Pool Company Dubai (UAE) are always thinking of newer ways of widening our horizon and expanding our services in all directions so as to serve our clients in the best possible manner. Water features are our latest avenue that has received large scale appreciation from our customers.

Our architectural avenues include Landscape, irrigation, swimming pools, outdoor rooms, lawns, gardens, spas and other commercial and residential constructions. Our expert team of consultants offers sound and secure service for the construction and maintenance of projects in the United Arab Emirates. We build swimming pools for both residential homes and commercial sector like hotels, resorts, spas, sauna tubs and others. Including water features is though a choice of the client we suggest some features to enhance the beauty of swimming pools.

Types Of Water Features

We design swimming pools for various indoor and outdoor purposes. We construct swimming pools of all kinds like Private swimming pools, Children or kids swimming pool, Competition or training swimming pool, Commercial or public swimming pool, Ocean swimming pool, Exercise swimming pool, Hot tubs, Spa pools and Natural ponds & pools. We offer attractive and different water features suitable for all kinds of swimming pools.

In landscape architecture and garden planning, Water features refer to fountains, pools, ponds, streams, waterfalls and cascaded. These uplift the beauty and smartness of a normal swimming pool. It adds a sense of class to the pool. Enhancement water features are included in our swimming pool design as per the tastes, requirements and the budget of our clients. Some of our popular water features include,

  • Waterfall
  • Fountain Bubblers
  • Laminar jets
  • Sheer descent
  • Deck jets
  • Fiber fall
  • Sheer curtain
  • Waterslides
  • Fire place
  • Sheer Arc
  • Rain Arc
  • Sheer rain
  • Scupper
  • Vanishing Edge
  • Colored lights
  • Fire pit
  • Weeping walls
  • Caves
  • Luxury fountain
  • Attached hot tub
  • Outdoor kitchen

Water features increase the enjoyment quotient and drama of a swimming pool by including soothing sounds and shimmering water.

We also have a wide range of Water features for gardens. These have a tendency of bringing about a variation in the garden and create a sense of sophistication for the garden area. Our water features can transform any outdoor location by adding a feel of traditional, contemporary or modernity. Some of our outdoor water features include:

  • Koi pond
  • Water fountain
  • Water garden
  • Water lilies
  • Natural ecosystem

We offer customized packages to our clients that are best suited to their likes, space and budget amount. We also provide extensive maintenance support to all Water features installed.

How Can We Help?

Our complete dedication to quality par excellence and professional approach to all client requirements have helped us create a position of our own among the most well known names in the construction business in the United Arab Emirates. We believe in maintaining complete transparency with our customers at all levels. Our specialists sit with our clients at the very beginning of the project and discuss at large. This helps them learn about the requirements, tastes and preferences of the customer. Also, this session enables them to have an idea about the budget allocated by the client for the job in hand. During this discussion, our executives explain the minute details of the job to the customers and also answer all queries and concerns of the customers in a patient and professional manner. Our team of experts also prefers visiting the location of site of work personally so as to have a clear understanding and idea about the total space available. This helps them plan the project well. Once everything is discussed, our design team puts together a drawing or design of the swimming pool along with water features. Only after the approval of the customer, this design on paper is blown into full form and the execution procedure begins.

We always try to keep ourselves up to date about the latest trends in the sector and be knowledgeable about the changing preferences of the people in general. This helps us suggest modern options to our customers. Our innovative and creative craftsmanship in Water features have helped us earn wide scale accolades in the market.

Our Other Services

Apart from installing water features for landscape ventures and swimming pools, we also offer varied other services. These include,

  • Construction of lawns & gardens
  • Building of swimming pools
  • Repairing of swimming pools
  • Installation of enhancement features
  • Maintenance of landscape & swimming pools
  • Remodeling & Renovation of existing landscape & swimming pools

Our emphasis is always on maintaining quality throughout. The focus is on building a better and beautiful environment. With advanced designing techniques, finest quality products and services, we at Landscape and Swimming Pool Company Dubai (UAE) provide ultimate value for money for our clients. The budget amount may be small or big. We at Landscape and Swimming Pool Company Dubai (UAE) have a solution for everyone.

When it comes to Swimming Pool Maintenance and Landscaping Maintenance, We are the Top 10 Swimming Pool Companies in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We have a proven track record of several Swimming Pool Construction in Dubai. Our experience in the field of Swimming Pool & Landscape Works is winning projects for us. Call Us at (+971) 0559804287. You may also write to us with your queries related to projects at info@swimmingpool.ae

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